Bullish for Bitcoin: “Highly Respected” Economist Proposes Negative Rates In US

Updated: May 7, 2020

According to Kenneth Rogoff, Professor of Economics at Harvard University there is a growing case for "deeply negative interest rates" in the U.S. and beyond. BY NICK CHONG MAY 7, 2020

According to Dan Tapiero, the CEO of DTAP Capital and a gold bullion company, the wording from Rogoff, a “highly respected” person in macro circles, suggests that negative rates are being discussed right now at the Federal Reserve and Treasury.

This makes gold and Bitcoin attractive investments, he explained, noting how the institutionalised penalising of holding cash at banks will lead to “hoarding of liquid stores of value,” which may yield no gains in terms of dividends but cost less to hold than cash.

Tapiero’s comment is the latest of many acknowledging that negative interest rates and the money printing we’re seeing should be a boon for Bitcoin in the long run. As reported by Blockonomipreviously, Phil Bonello, head of Grayscale Investments’ research division, explained that this backdrop of aggressive monetary and fiscal stimulus is perfect for Bitcoin to shine. read more . . .

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